Mold & Paint Glitter Mermaid Kit
Mold & Paint Glitter Mermaid Kit
Mold & Paint Glitter Mermaid Kit
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Mold & Paint Glitter Mermaid Kit

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Create wonderous glittery mermaids from scratch with this Mould & Paint Glitter Mermaids Casting Kit! Everything you need to pour, set, paint, decorate and create your own beautiful mermaids is included in this beautifully gift boxed set. You can choose to make ornaments for display, or brooches and magnets you can give to friends and family.

Simply mix the sachet of plaster with water, pour the mix into the molds, allow to set, and then gently remove the plaster casts from their molds. Once they've been removed, the choices are endless!

Use the included magnet strip to turn your mermaids into fridge magnet ornaments, or how about sticking pin creating badges and brooches so your family and friends can wear your mermaids as fashionable accessories?

The five different paint colors and pouch of glitter means you can create glittery colorful mermaids in your favorite style, and you can even hunt around the house for extra decorations if you're feeling particularly adventurous!

Whichever way you create and decorate, our Mould & paint Glitter Mermaids casting Kit is sure to be a swimming success with your youngsters!


Everything you need to make your own mermaid ornaments is included!
Easy-to-follow instructions make the process simple
Mix paster and water, full the molds, leave to set then TADA!
Choose how you paint and decorate your mermaids
Choose to create brooches or fridge magnets
Keep to display in your room or give away as fabulous gifts

Dimensions: 8 x 16 x 22 cms
Material: Card / Plaster / Metal / Acrylic Paint / Glitter /
1 x sachet plaster mix
5 x colored acrylic paints
1 x sachet glitter
1 x strip of magnetic tape
1 x paint brush
Instruction leaflet
Ages: 5 and above. Not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazard

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